Solar Thermal Panels are a welcome addition to a modern heating and hot water system and can provide up to 60% of all your annual hot water requirements!

Solar Thermal Panels

How do solar thermal panels work?

Solar Thermal Panels work by soaking up the beautiful free! Rays of the sun and converting it into heat energy that heats up your hot water.

Where do you fit solar thermal panels?

You normally fit Solar Thermal Panels on the roof. They can be fitted on a pitched or flat roof. It’s ideal to fit Solar Thermal Panels on a roof that faces south- south west or south east. But south is best as this gives the maximum solar gain for the Solar Thermal Panels to heat up and heat up your hot water.

How many Solar Thermal Panels do you need?

It depends on the size of your unvented hot water cylinder. And to some degree the amount of hot water you will be using. If you would like us to quote on installing Solar Thermal Panels then we will work this out for you in the free quote that we provide.

Does Solar Thermal Panels provide electricity?

No. There is some confusion about solar panels and what they provide.

The panels provide heat that when heated by the sun, heats up the unvented hot water cylinder to provide hot water.

Photovoltaic panels are thinner you require much more and they only provide electricity.

Do I get a grant for solar thermal panels?

We are still waiting for the government to provide the final details on this. You can get a one-off payment of£300 for installing Solar Panels, however when the feed-in tariff is announced later in 2012-2013 you will be entitled to this payment too. And this will be back dated from when you had it installed. (Please see government website for latest details on this. Please also be aware that this tariff may be withdrawn.)

For more details checkout the energy trust website- click here

What else do you need for Solar Thermal Panels?

You will need a pumping station, Glycol and an unvented twin coil cylinder to connect it all to.

So why should I install Solar Thermal Panels?

  • You can save up to 60% of your yearly hot water costs!

  • You will be lowering your gas emissions- even more so if you fit a condensing boiler!
  • Low maintenance costs!
  • Unlimited source of energy form the sun!
  • In the summer months when the sun is out all day- the boiler will not come on!

Please give us a call or email now for more information on how we can install some panels for you.