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Here at Aquaheat.org.uk, we have been installing Worcester Bosch Boilers since 1998 and Accredited Worcester Bosch installers since 2004.

What does being a Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer mean to us?

For us here at Aquaheat.org.uk, being a Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer means that we attend several of the Worcester Bosch training courses at the Worcester Bosch Training Academy during the year. These training courses are based at locations in Essex and the heart of the Worcester Bosch Company at the Worcester Bosch factory in Worcestershire!

During these training courses, our already experienced heating engineers and plumbers gain additional in-depth and up to date knowledge about how to install a range of Worcester Bosch products, not just the domestic gas boilers. To date, we have attended courses on the installation of Solar Panels, Air-to-Air heaters, Air to Water, as well as under floor heating systems (to name a few).

On these courses, we have gained expert knowledge and training on how to install Worcester Bosch products correctly and to Worcester Bosch Specifications to ensure they work safely and are safe to use. We have also learned about the Worcester Bosch Controls range, which are most compatible with their boilers, such as the latest Worcester Bosch Comfort Stat RF1 and Worcester Bosch Comfort Stat RF2.Worcester Bosch Accredited Installers

Worcester Bosch train us on Boiler installation, service and repairs of their boilers

On the Worcester Bosch training courses we also learn about how to correctly service all Worcester Bosch Gas Boilers. It is important that these boilers have certain safety checks carried out in order to work correctly and provide maximum performance for our customers. For instance, we will use a gas analyser machine with a probe into the flue, to check that the boiler has the correct mixture of gas and air for efficient burning of the main heat exchanger. If the boiler is not burning the correct amount of gas we will be able to see this on our machine and then can adjust this to give the right Worcester Bosch burning reading for your boiler. We do this by special adjustment points on the gas valve and flue system. By doing this we ensure that the boiler is working efficiently and will maintain the warranty. It is important that this service is carried out every 12 months

Worcester Bosch Boiler Fault Finding Training :

Worcester Bosch Greenstar BoilersAt the Worcester Bosch training Academy, we carry out numerous training courses to identify, diagnose and repair the different types of faults that happen with Worcester Bosch boilers. This is all carried out within a classroom setting and on the factory floor where we can work on a range of Worcester Bosch Boilers that are piped up to a heating framework.
To complete the course all Worcester Bosch boilers have been given fault that has been created on the system and we are then trained to find and rectify this boiler fault.
This training is unique within the industry and helps our engineers to work safely and quickly to help our customers resolve any faults that may come up on any of the Worcester Bosch Domestic Gas Boiler products, using practical and theoretical training.
Please note that if your Worcester Bosch Boiler is still under Warranty then any fault that happens whilst under Warranty will be covered by Worcester Bosch’s own engineers, free of charge.(Subject to a yearly service.)

Extended Warranties on Worcester Bosch products

Here at Aquaheat.org.uk, we are trained and Accredited Worcester Bosch Installers, and as such, we are able to offer our customers peace of mind with an Extended Warranty on all domestic gas boilers.
This Warranty covers the cost of parts and labour if the domestic gas boiler was to breakdown.
(Please remember that in order to maintain the Warranty, Worcester Bosch requires the customer to have the boiler serviced every 12 months – ideally by a Worcester Bosch Accredited Engineer.) Currently (2015) the extended Worcester Bosch Warranty we can offer is 7 years cover for parts and labour (subject to a yearly service.) This will increase if you have a Worcester Bosch System Filter fitted by an extra year!

Add on to Seven Year Warranty

Currently, Worcester Bosch are offering an additional 1 years Warranty (Please check at time of booking in an installation that is still running.) If you would like us to install a new Worcester Bosch Heating System Filter at the same time as a new Worcester Bosch Domestic Condensing Boiler we can currently offer an additional year to your warranty.
Also, you can get an additional one-year Warranty we install a Worcester Bosch Greenstar Unvented Cylinder with the new boiler and filter. Bringing the total years of Warranty to 9 years! Which is of course amazing value for money and provides peace of mind for our customers.
Further good news is that Worcester Bosch will offer you another year’s Warranty if you have Worcester Bosch Twin Solar panels fitted.

So as an example, if you got us to install:

  • Worcester Bosch 30CDI System Boiler
  • Worcester Bosch Heating System Filter
  • Worcester Bosch Greenstar Unvented Cylinder
  • Worcester Bosch Solar Panels

You will currently get a 10 year Warranty (Subject to a yearly service.) on all the Worcester Bosch products! Also if we fit Worcester Bosch controls, you will also have this under the warranty.
If you would like more information about our plumbing and heating services and you live in the London area, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at your earliest convenience for a quote.