Do you require an urgent boiler repair in Balham sw12? It’s not a nice experience when it breaks down, especially when it’s cold, windy and rainy outside and you have a busy day planned..

Boiler Repair Balham SW12 is based in the heart of Balham SW12 area since 2004. We have been carrying out boiler repairs in Balham SW12 since 2004. Most of our boiler repairs are carried out within the hour and the boiler is either repaired and left working or the boiler is left switched off or on safely while we order parts to come back at an agreed time and date to carry out the boiler repair in Balham. If however, we are unable to repair the boiler due to the parts no longer available, current boiler in poor condition or the boiler is very old, then we will give you an emailed quote for a replacement boiler which will have a new Warranty and be registered on the Gas Safe website.

Plumber Balham SW12Boiler repair Balham SW12 are very diverse in the nature of what the boiler problem could be. Sometimes it’s the hot water diverter valve that is faulty and this is either stopping the hot water from getting hot or bringing on the heating when the hot water is on. Other boiler repair in Balham sw12 and be issues that are where the main P.C.B has blown and this can cause numerous issues to do with the fan not working correctly, the gas valve not opening up, if it’s a combination boiler or system boiler then the heating circulator pump may not be working. This doesn’t mean that any of these parts are faulty, just that the main P.C.B is not sending a live supply out to feed this heating component. We would have to carry out numerous electrical tests to find out which of these parts are faulty. Sometimes it is very hard, if not impossible to ascertain which is the faulty part or parts. Even when speaking to the technical department of the faulty boiler that needs repairing in Balham SW12. It can be a costly process to try and replace various parts until we find the right part. We always fully explain this to the customer before we drive to a supplier and pick up new parts to repair the boiler in Balham SW12. The customer may at this stage decide to replace the boiler, in which case we will offer a free quote to do so.

Video: Install of a Worcester Bosch 25si Compact

Its also not just the boiler repairs that we do. Sometimes its a heating component outside of the boiler which is faulty, like a 3 port electronic valve, room stat, 2 port valve or cylinder stat. We will trace and repair these parts too. If the boiler repair in Balham SW12 involves and drain down and replacement of parts, maybe a system flush too. We will give this on a set price so the customer knows fully what they are paying for.
Please give us a call or simply fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you with a briefing of our current charges.

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