First of our plumbing tips is, take a look at the pressure gauge on the front of the boiler, the needle will tell you what the pressure reading is on the boiler. If you find that the needle is pointing to “0” it means that you need to put pressure into the system because the system is running on empty.

To do this is quite simple; here are our step by step instructions.

Before you start, make sure that you turn your heating off.

In the video there is a tray underneath the boiler, which the plumber takes off. On some of the other models of boiler there isn’t a lid underneath. If there is no lid underneath your boiler, then you will often find that the heating engineer will have left the key already inserted into the boiler (to ensure that it doesn’t get lost). On the boilers that we install, we will usually leave the key in for this reason. As this boiler has a tray underneath, you can see that the key is slotted nicely into the lid underneath the boiler.

Once you have the key, slot it into the black housing. On the housing you should be able to see a padlock symbol showing both an unlocked and locked padlock symbol. Push the key up into the unlocked position and turn it to the right – to lock it into position (following the locked symbol).

Now that the key is in the right position, you should be able to see a nut next to the key – turn the nut in an anti-clockwise direction. At this point, you should be able to hear water going into the system. At this point, be sure to take a look at the pressure gauge, where you should see the black needle on the pressure gauge begin to rise. When the needle reaches between 1 -1.5 close the nut in a clockwise direction (just hand tight).

Once you have closed the nut tightly with your hand, you can then turn the key underneath the boiler back to the unlocked position. Then, depending on whether you have a lid to keep your key in, you can either take the key out or leave it in the boiler (to save it from getting lost). Then replace the lid on the bottom of the boiler.

That is how you top up a Worcester Bosch Boiler with the internal filling link.

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