In this video Steve, one of our Gas Safe plumber in Tooting London demonstrates how to use a DT10RF programmable room stat. He covers both how to set the room stat manually as well as how to pre-set the heating times and temperatures for morning, lunchtime and evening settings. The DT10RF is a Worcester Bosch product and can be fitted with Worcester Boiler CDI’s, SI’s and Juniors. This type of room stat is often recommended if your boiler is fitted in a location that is not easily accessible, such as the basement, garage or loft.

For this heating system installation in London, the boiler was fitted in the garage, meaning that it wasn’t practical for the customer to adjust the heating temperatures from the boiler. Therefore the plumber fitted the customer with a DT10RF (RF stands for radio frequency just in case you were wondering). The beauty of the DT10RF is that you can set the temperature without having to visit the boiler.

How To Program A DT10RF

The DT10RF room stat can be programmed to suit your needs. Settings can be either programmed to come on at convenient times during the day or set manually if you prefer. This puts you in complete control so that even if you are out for most of the day, you can come back to a nice warm home. The DT10RF helps to keep your home energy efficient and keeps your heating bills down!

How To Program The DT10RF (Morning Setting)

First, push the arrow key on the right, below the display twice. The DT10RF is pre-set to come on at 6.30am (this should show on the bottom left-hand side of the display after pressing the arrow key on the right twice), depending on whether you would like this setting earlier or later than 6.30am, use the plus or minus keys on the right of the display to reach the time that you want your heating to come on in the morning.

Once you have selected the required time, press the arrow key on the right again. This now gives you the option to select the temperature that you want to wake up to (factory settings are 23 degrees) this again, can be set to a higher or lower temperature by using the plus and minus keys, once you are happy with the temperature, press the arrow key on the right, to set.

You will now see that the time will then start flashing on the display, this enables you to set the “off” time for the heating in the morning. Once again, select your required time using the plus and minus keys then press the arrow key on the right. Again, you will need to set the desired temperature for the “off” time using the plus and minus keys. When you have selected your required settings, press the arrow key on the right to confirm.

How to program the DT10RF (Lunchtime Setting)

Once you have confirmed your morning settings (see above) you will then be required to set the times and temperatures for the lunchtime heating settings. This is set in exactly the same way as you set your heating for the morning.

Overriding The DT10RF Lunchtime Setting.

If you are out and about at lunchtime, you may not want your heating to be set to come on while you’re not there. To override the lunchtime setting on the DT10RF, simply leave the default setting to come on at 12.00 midday, but set the “off” time to 12.01. This will cancel the lunchtime setting so that the heating does not come on.

How To Program The DT10RF (Evening Setting)

The evening setting comes on at 4.30pm by default and off at 10.00pm.

The temperature and time settings are configured using the exact same technique used for programming the morning setting (see above). So decide what works for you depending on what time you come in and what time you go to bed.

How To Set The DT10RF To Manual

Regardless of the pre-programmed settings, you simply use the plus and minus buttons at any time to reach your desired temperature. You can tell when the boiler has been activated, as a flame symbol show up on the left of the display. Whatever temperature you have set manually will remain until you either change it again manually or until the next set “off” period (as programmed).

If you do not want any pre-set times on your DT10RF you can set it to manual only. This can be achieved by pressing the left arrow button below the display so that the small arrow is pointing to where “MAN” is printed on your room stat. Then press the right arrow key to confirm. From here, the heating will be constantly on and temperatures can be turned up or down indefinitely.

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