What is a Hydrogen Boiler?

Actually, there are no fully Hydrogen boilers on the market yet, but all new boilers from Manufactures like Worcester Bosch or Valliant will be Hydrogen-ready boilers. which means they can run on Hydrogen once it becomes available.

Is hydrogen a safe fuel?

There are numerous trials taking place across the UK which are looking at hydrogen gas and its uses in the home.
These include ‘HyStreet’, a test site in Northumberland, where more than 200 tests have been completed to research the safety of converting homes and gas networks to hydrogen.
There is also a two-home Hy4Heat trial
in Gateshead, where homes have been specifically built to showcase hydrogen
in operation. This trial is looking at boilers, cookers and fires, all running on hydrogen. Further community trials involving thousands of homes are being planned for.
These trials will seek further proof that hydrogen is a safe and green alternative to natural gas.

What are the benefits of fitting a hydrogen boiler?

Using hydrogen boilers is a great way to decarbonise heat and is a like-for-like replacement with a current natural gas boiler.
From a day-to-day usability standpoint, a hydrogen ready boiler doesn’t require any behaviour change and will provide the same level of comfort as an existing natural gas appliance.

When will hydrogen ready boilers be readily available?

Depending on the success of trials and the government’s hydrogen timeline, from 2030 – 2035 the use of 100% hydrogen gas for wholesale use into the gas grid is a possibility.
This will give homes across the UK the opportunity to upgrade to lower carbon technologies. Also during this time, gas boilers will be removed from the market in favour of hydrogen ready boilers – these boilers can run on natural gas today,
as well as hydrogen in the future.

In the meantime, look to upgrade your gas boiler for a new energy efficient gas boiler before the 2030 deadline!

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