Aquaheat is now servicing; Energy saving condensing boilers, on a bicycle.!

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One of our happy gas engineers cycling around servicing boilers:)










Are you doing your bit for the environment with a modern gas efficiency condensing boiler?

If you have one of these boilers, it is crucial that you have it serviced every year to ensure it is safe and working correctly. Also, to have the gas and air mixture tested and adjusted when required so-as to inhibit the new boiler from, over-burning gas and pushing further carbon monoxide up, into the atmosphere.

We at Aquaheat, are always committed to making sure that our clients service their boilers each year. We do this by emailing a reminder every 12 months.

To prove our commitment to lowering harmful gases entering the atmosphere we carry out most of our local boiler servicing by riding our bicycle to most local appointments, thus making sure we operate a carbon neutral boiler servicing company.

If you live anywhere within the Wandsworth area, please drop us a line to book in your boiler service. Do not worry we will not ask to park our bicycle inside your home and will lock it up somewhere nearby.

Remember that boiler servicing is part of the care and wellbeing of all boilers, it is not just a one-time purchase which is then neglected and forgotten about. This will only lead to major issues further down the line, if you do not have your boiler serviced on a yearly basis.

Boiler servicing helps keep your boiler clean from rust, dust, dirt and maintenance issues such as leaking heating pumps or incorrectly adjusted gas valves. 

Boiler servicing for all our clients boilers from a bicycle, helps Aquaheat completely reduce its carbon footprint to zero. Please help us continue to offer this service by booking us for your annual service.

This offer of servicing your boiler from our bicycle is only available to customers living within the Wandsworth area.

Be-assured, Aquaheat, carries all the correct equipment required to carry out a boiler service on our bicycle. This includes a good quality gas analyser (we use Anton) and a socket set with other electrical testing equipment. All this is carried in our service kit bag which fits inside a pannier on the back of our boiler servicing bicycle. if we need to carry out more involved works for your boiler service, or fit a new boiler, carry out boiler repairs then this we be carried out in one of our vans.

What are you waiting for..?  Please drop us a line to book in your first boiler service from our carbon neutral boiler service engineer

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