Recommended 5-6 year strip down boiler service

Aquaheat, inline with most manufactures, recommend that all modern condensing gas boilers, have a full strip down service to improve efficiency, and have a closer inspection within the heat cell, burners and electrics to see if any wear, and tear is taking place that needs attention. This can avoid further boiler breakdowns and down times- especially in the cold winter months!

For a full strip down service on these models, we change the main burner seal, electrodes, and condensing seal.

Worcester Bosch cdi or si compact range

For this write up we will focus on a strip down service of the Worcester Bosch Cdi and Si compact range, however, principle is the same for all condensing boilers.

Firstly we need to remove the main casing, and expose inside the Worcester Bosch  compact boiler.

As you can see there’s a lot going on!

Next is to remove the front plastic housing which controls the plume from the boiler. also, we take off the main head from the top. Once this is done, we remove the fan, electrodes, burner head and burner itself.

By doing this we expose the main heat exchanger. As you can see on this photo the main heat cell is showing signs of scale blockage.

Once we have the main head off we can inspect and clean the burner bar. This inspect is vital to make sure there is no damage to the burners. If so, this will need to be changed at an extra cost.

If you look inside the heat exchanger you can see the old electrode. This is wearing down and needs replacing which we do under the boiler strip down service. We clean the inside of the heat exchanger with a special flat tool that gets in between the cast iron grills. Once this is carried out, we flush through the heat exchanger with water. also remove and clean the trap.

After all this is done we put everything back together with the new parts described at the beginning.

Once this is done, we carry out a new calibration of the boiler to make sure its working efficiently and no longer has any partial blockages that can cause the boiler to use more gas.

Boiler before full strip down

Worcester Bosch cdi compact

Boiler fully stripped down ready for cleaning

Heat exchanger showing signs of scale formation

Heat exchanger after cleaning with new Electrodes

Old scaled up electrode

Boiler having final test with a gas analyser

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