Magnetic filter is a vital component of any heating system

It is often overlooked or forgotten about when it comes to annual maintenance. However, having a magnetic filter installed on your heating system and ensuring it is cleaned each year can save you money in the long run and prolong the life of your heating system.

What exactly is a magnetic filter and why is it important to have one in your heating system?

A magnetic filter is a device that is designed to remove magnetic and non-magnetic debris from the water in your heating system. This debris can be anything from rust particles to limescale, and if left unchecked, it can cause blockages, reduce the efficiency of your system, and even lead to costly repairs.

By installing a magnetic filter, you are essentially adding an extra layer of protection to your heating system. The filter works by trapping debris as it flows through the system, preventing it from causing any damage. This not only helps to ensure that your system runs smoothly and efficiently, but it also extends the lifespan of your boiler and other components.

However, simply having a magnetic filter installed is not enough – it is also crucial to ensure that it is cleaned regularly. Ideally once a year when you have your boiler serviced.

Over time, magnetic filters become clogged with debris, reducing its effectiveness and potentially causing problems within your system. That is why it is advisable to have the filter cleaned annually by a qualified engineer.

Regular maintenance of your magnetic filter can help to prevent issues such as reduced heat output, increased energy bills, and even a complete breakdown of your heating system. By investing in a magnetic filter and taking the time to clean it each year, you can enjoy a more efficient and reliable heating system, as well as peace of mind knowing that your system is well-protected.

Here at Aquaheat

when an engineer from Aquaheat comes to your property to carry out an annual boiler service they will recommend that you have magnetic filter cleaned if you have one installed. However not all magnetic filters are created equal. some are such poor quality that we will not touch it, due to the fact that taking it apart can make it leak and be unable to fit back. we recommend and install Worcester Bosch magnetic filters with all our new boiler installations. These filter are now only well designed, but easy to maintain and last a long time. In-fact we give on average an extra 3 years warranty on a new boiler if you have a Worcester Bosch  magnetic filter install along to new boiler.

If we carry out a boiler service and you do not have or have a poor design filter installed, we can advise you about the benefits, and give you a supply and install price to fit onto any system. Please email us for more details.

In conclusion

Having a magnetic filter installed on your heating system and maintaining it by cleaning it each year is a wise decision that can save you time, money, and hassle in the long run. Don’t neglect this important component of your heating system – make sure to have a magnetic filter installed and cleaned annually to keep your system running smoothly for years to come.

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