What is a Megaflo Cylinder?

A Megaflo Cylinder is an unvented, mains pressured hot water cylinder for storing water under mains pressure to feed all bathrooms, showers and other hot outlets. The cylinders come in a range of sizes depending on your needs.

Will the Megaflo be powerful enough for a large house?

Yes! A Megaflo is most suited to a large flat or house.

How hygienic is the Megaflo?

The Megaflo is very hygenic, as all the water that you bathe in and drink is purified mains water!

Does the Megaflo make a lot of noise?

Not at all.

Is the Megaflo cost efficient?

The Megaflo is extremely cost effecient, as the cylinder is very well insulated to keep in the heat.

Can my Megaflo be solar powered?

Yes, the Megaflo can be solar powered, on a twin coil cylinder.

Do I need a Megaflo?

That’s really up to you. If you contact one of our certified Megaflo installers, they will advise you on the best way forward.

Can the Megaflo be fitted to my existing system?

Yes, the Megaflo can be fitted to your existing system.

I live in a small flat, will the Megaflo take up a lot of space?

The Megaflo will take up the same amount of space as a normal hot water cylinder although small flats may be better suited to a combination boiler system (please call to arrange a visit from one of our Megaflo installers for further information).

Megaflo Installer

Here is a quick video of a Megaflo installation that was completed in the South West London area.

In this video, Steve our Gas Safe plumber has installed an unvented hot water cylinder. This particular one is a Megaflo. Our heating engineers often recommend and install this unit, as it doesn’t take up much space and is more hygienic than the old conventional hot water system, which includes tanks in the loft (which are prone to contamination).

Installation of a Indirect 210 litre Megaflo

For this his installation, first the plumber had to remove the old system which meant getting rid of the conventional cylinder. Then the system had to be drained down including the two big tanks situated in the loft. As the Megaflo runs directly from the mains water supply, the heating engineer had to convert the system.

The beauty of the Megaflo is that it does not require additional pumps and that you no longer need hefty tanks in the loft as everything comes from your mains supply and is under mains pressure. This means that your water supply is cleaner and produced at a higher pressure (this saves time when filling the bath). There is also an emersion heater included as an extra backup.(May need an electrician to run a cable supply for this.) The plumber has also run a discharge pipe under the floor, to the outside of the building.


As the existing system is quite an old one, the plumber has also fitted a Magnaclean to ensure that sludge build-up is kept to a minimum, (this will need to be cleaned periodically).

Installation of the Megaflo

When looking for a Megaflo installer, it is very important that you find a plumbing company or installer that is registered to install unvented heating systems. A certified installer will install your system correctly and safely and will then register the installation with building control.

If you have any questions about the Megaflo, please have a quick look at our Megaflo Q and A section above. Alternatively, you can call or email for further information or to arrange a free quote for your very own Megaflo installation.