What is meant by a ‘Regular condensing boiler’? This term often confuses people!

Well, a regular condensing boiler is like an old style regular boiler that is fitted on a conventional heating system.

A conventional heating system is a system that incorporates tanks in the loft, radiators and a copper hot water cylinder. (Please see image for details).

We can help and explain all the benefits of upgrading to a new regular condensing boiler if you want to keep your existing system.

We normally recommend that you upgrade your heating controls when you replace the old boiler with a new regular condensing boiler as this will make your system much more energy efficient.

We install all the leading brands of regular condensing boilers like:

  • Worcester Bosch RI
  • Valliant EcoTec Plus Open vented Boiler
  • Vessiman Regular Condensing boilers
  • All Potterton boilers
  • And many more!

What is a condensing boiler?

Condensing boilers are by-law any boiler that is installed from 2005.

All new boilers have to be condensing boilers. This is part of the Kyoto world agreement to lower gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Gas boilers make up for between 5-10% of all UK emissions.

By installing condensing boilers we can reduce this amount significantly.

Regular Condensing boilers work by re-circulating the products of combustion that the gas produces, back into the heat exchanger to heat up the water.

By doing this, you require less gas to burn, thus saving you money on consumption. Average gas savings for a typical family home is£230 per year. (See government stats for latest figures).

However one of the drawbacks that some people have with condensing boilers is the steam-plume affect that comes out of the flue pipe.

There seems to be some confusion about what is happening here.

Most of the products that come out of the flue are water vapour/steam. This also is only on a high plume when the boiler is in high demand. Most of the time, the plume from the flue terminal is unnoticeable.

Please call or mail for further information on this or how installing a regular condensing boiler will better improve your heating requirements and be more cost effective in the long run.

We are here to help.