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Hi guys,

Welcome back to another exciting week of boiler installation streatham sw2, boiler servicing and boiler repairs, and this time it was in the streatham SW2 and SW16 London areas.

On Thursday of this week, we installed a new Worcester Bosch 36CDI Compact condensing combination boiler in Streatham SW2.

Firstly, as on all boiler installation streatham sw2, we arrived at the property at around 7.15am. We like to get an early start as this ensures that we will finish the job within the day.

To start with, all the tools are unloaded from the van. Then we go into the property and put dust sheets down in the common walk areas and where we will be carry out the main part of the installation of the new Worcester Bosch 36CDI Compact condensing boiler.

Once we have got all the tools and sheets down we can then begin the days work of removing and installing a new condensing boiler in Streatham SW2.

What we do next is to isolate the mains and drain down the heating system. On this job there was an easy to access drain-off point, however on some of new boiler installations in Streatham SW2 area this is not the case and we have to look at other means of drain down the heating system safely.

Over the years we have learnt lots of handy tips to carry out this task so we can safely empty the heating system of water. As the heating system is being drain down, we can then begin to look at stripping down the boiler before removing it. We have to firstly make sure the the electrical and gas supplies are safely switched off. Then we can start removing the outer casing of the old boiler, and also removing the flue system.

When the whole boiler as been safely stripped down and the flue removed we can then look to remove the old boiler.

We do carrying out a lot of new boiler installer works in Streatham SW2 area. We also carry out boiler repairs and serving within the Streatham SW2 area too. This helps us better understand the types of properties and systems within the Streatham SW2 and SW16 areas.

After the old boiler as been removed we can then look at how to begin installing the new Worcester Bosch 28CDI Compact Condensing boiler. At this particular installation, the new boiler was going in the same location as the old boiler, however we can install (subject to regulations) a new Worcester Bosch 28CDI Compact Condensing boiler in a new location. The new Worcester Bosch 28CDI Compact Is a lot smaller than the standard classic cdi condensing boiler and can fit into a kitchen cupboard. We would be happy to price and discuss this with you on your new new installation if you want to drop us an email.

The new boiler comes in two parts. Firstly you have the frame which sits on the wall. This is sometimes called the ‘jig’. It is a wall plate that the boiler will eventually sit on and also has all the pipe connection tails so the boiler can be pre-plumbed.

We now start to safely and neatly begin piping up the new Worcester Bosch 28CDI Compact condensing boiler from the old pipe work.

Once we have finished piping up the frame we can add the internal filling link to the frame. When this is done we are now ready to hang the boiler Worcester Bosch 28CDI Compact condensing combination boiler.

With the new boiler now fitted and connected we can now fit a new flue system.

After this we will fill and flush the whole heating and hot water system. After we flush the system we fill it with a chemical heating inhibitor. This helps keep the system clean and protect the boiler.

Now after all the works have been carried out and we’ve tested the gas and checked for leaks we can commission the new boiler. This is to make sure its all working safely as the manufacture requires.

We may balance the system if required and will advise the customer on how to use the new controls.

After the job is completed and the customer is nice and warm with their new heating and hot water we can begin the aftercare service which involves registering the new boiler with Gas Safe and registering the new Worcester Bosch 28CDI Compact boiler with Worcester Bosch for the extended warranty. Which currently stands at 7 years fully Guarantee on boiler parts and labour. If you have the Worcester Greenstar filter and Worcester RF1 or 2 stat you will get another 3 years Guarantee on the Cdi range.

We will then put all the customers details we our service reminder for its first service in 12 months time.

We would be very happy to come and look at quoting for a new boiler install in Streatham SW2 or SW16 area which we can advise you on what type of boiler is best for your property.


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