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Hi, Im John, currently studying Plumbing Level 2 at South Thames College. I have been working with Steve ( as a trainee plumber shortly after starting my studies in September 2013. Most of the work is done in south west London like Balham SW12, Clapham SW4, Clapham Common SW4, Clapham South SW4, Tooting Bec Sw17, Tooting Broadway SW17, Earlsfiled SW18, Wandworths SW18, Wimbledon Sw19 and all over South East London, however we have fitted boilers and carried out boiler service in Croydon, Fulham and outside south London. I have picked up a lot of different skills and knowledge during my experience with Aquaheat which will prepare me for the working world.

I have learnt about protecting customer property to ensure there is no damage at the end of the job. I have gained experience and practice in the proper way to lift heavy loads to ensure that me and others around me are safe. I have gained experience in using different hand tools such as the hammer, chisel, files, screw drivers, adjustable spanner, foot grips, red handle grips, junior hacksaw, wood saw, pad saw etc. I have also used power tools such as the core drill, rechargeable power drill, circular saw, jig saw etc.

I have learnt about doing a boiler service and different materials and how and when they are used. Copper and its different sizes, polybutelene, condense pipes. And all these pipes come with their own fittings (elbows, Tee’s, couplings, reducers)

I have used brass fitting such as couplings, reducers, caps, ball o fix valve etc.

Aqua heat specialises in Boilers and Radiator (Gas and heating) but we take out other plumbing jobs too. I have gained knowledge on the different types of boilers, how they are installed and how they work. I have drained down, vented and filled up radiators. I have leant about using inhibitor at the end of the job to protect the pipes and radiators from corrosion.

I have been able to mount boilers on-to walls, mount radiators on-to walls and connected the valves and the pipes. I have soldered pipes together using the gas bottle, wire wool, flux, solder and a heat mat.

In this trade i have learnt there are no two jobs that will be the same, but there is always a way to get the job done and leave the customer satisfied. I have been on jobs where the boiler is mounted on and exterior wall making it very easy to sort out the flue, i have been on jobs where the boiler is in the basement. Also in the loft and i have been on jobs where the flue exits through the roof (scaffolding was required). Being a plumber requires us to have skills in different trades such as masonry (brick and cement work), electrical, carpentry, my tea making skills have also really improved since working with

The role is very exciting and despite the puzzles that we sometimes have to work out I am enjoying the work and experience. I have decided plumbing is definitely for me and I am looking forward to taking on more responsibility as a heating engineer and getting into the real working world.

Boiler Service Tooting Bec SW17

Boiler Service Tooting SW17







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